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  • Rubbish,
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The City provides a weekly domestic rubbish and a fortnightly recycling collection service to residents. Bins are collected by robotic arm vehicles and it is important that you follow the bin set out guidelines. For more information about bin placement and collection guidelines please use the links below.

The grey lidded rubbish bin is for your general domestic waste only. This includes all organic waste such as food waste, garden waste, lawn clippings, and general household waste.

The yellow lidded recycling bin is for items recyclable by kerbside pick up only. View the links below to find out more.

Please note that the rubbish bin belongs to the City, however the general cleanliness of the bin is your responsibility.

Any damaged or stolen bins must be reported to the City to allow for repairs or replacement, this can be done via our online form or by calling 9397 3000.


Where does the waste from your grey-lidded bin go?

Eight local governments, including the City of Gosnells, have agreed to supply up to 400,000 tonnes of waste each year to a new waste-to-energy plant in Kwinana.

The plant will receive your household waste that would otherwise have been sent to landfill.

When commissioned next year, the plant run by Avertas Energy will provide a practical solution to two big community challenges:

  • Disposing of significant quantities of household rubbish
  • Providing additional secure and uninterrupted renewable energy

Avertas Energy will use world-class technologies to process 400,000 tonnes per year of household waste, significantly reducing CO2 emissions and delivering 36MW of baseload electricity to the grid.  These outcomes are the equivalent of taking 85,000 cars off Perth’s roads and powering 50,000 Perth households every year.