Rubbish and recycling

We are committed to effective waste management practices to conserve resources and energy while reducing dependence on landfill disposal.

The weekly rubbish bin collection service is managed by the City and the fortnightly recycling bin collection service done by a recycling contractor. Bins must be on the verge by 6am on the day of your collection and returned to your property within 24hrs of collection. 

Find your waste collection dates

Search for waste collection dates for your property. Includes domestic, recycling and kerbside green and general waste collections.

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about rubbish and recycling

Public holiday rubbish collections

Changes to rubbish collection dates around public holidays such as Christmas Day and New Years Day.

Recycling and you

Everything thing you need to know about recycling.

Residential verge collections

Green waste collections help to dispose of garden waste, and the general junk collection is for larger disposable items. Collection areas and collection dates feature in this section.

Rubbish collections

Days of collection, changes to service and everything you need to know about your rubbish service.

Waste and recycling guide

Guidelines for waste and recycling including how to place your bins, and what can be recycled.