This is the City’s Adopted Stormwater Management Technical Guideline.  

Stormwater - subdivisional development

Stormwater drainage is to be constructed and designed in accordance with the requirements of the City. 

Stormwater - residential / commercial / industrial development

The City requires the installation of a drainage system that protects people and other properties from the adverse effects of redirected rain water. 

Different soil types affect the method of stormwater disposal for your property.

The distinguishing soil types in the City are:

  • sandy soil
  • clay / silty sandy soil.

There are various disposal systems including:

  • soakwells
  • soakwells with an overflow connection to the City's drainage system
  • detention on site.

The stormwater design calculator will assist you in your stormwater design. 


The City maintains an extensive drainage network designed to prevent the flooding of roads and properties.

As part of this maintenance, sweeping of roads and cleaning of gullies is undertaken on a scheduled basis to reduce build up of leaf litter and other rubbish in drains. Although a considerable level of effort is undertaken, leaves and debris washed from private property can still block the drainage network.

Residents can assist in preventing flooding by clearing any leaves or other debris from drainage grates on the road.

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Please contact Technical Services for assistance in determining your exact requirements.

Telephone: 9397 3000