Your property

Building and demolition work

Contains information to assist you with building and demolition regulations for your home or property development.

Community health

Environmental health officers work within local governments to ensure a good standard of health and safety practices within local food businesses, public pools, facilities and buildings, while also managing pest and disease control.

Community safety

Read how the City is working proactively to make your City a safer place

Fences and retaining walls

Information about front and secondary street fences, dividing fences and retaining walls.

In your street

What's in your street? Verges, bus shelters, trees, drainage, crossovers, street lights, roads and paths.

Pets and animals

Your pets and animals are important and require appropriate care. Information about registrations, lost and found, exercise areas and stock

Rubbish and recycling

Households within the City of Gosnells receive a comprehensive rubbish and recycling collection service. This section provides collection details, listing of recyclable materials and bulk collection information.

Swimming pools and spas

Safety and supervision is paramount around pools and spas. Advice and regulation information is contained within this section.

Your City rates

Rates are levied annually on all land holdings within the City.