The City of Gosnells Chief Executive Officer, with the Executive Team and staff, is responsible for the provision of services and facilities and for implementing the decisions of Council.


Ian Cowie

Chief Executive Officer

The CEO provides the link between the City and the Elected Members of Council.

Key responsibilities include: 

  • Responsible for the overall management and strategic direction of the City
  • Organisational Performance   

Glenda Blake 2019

Glenda Blake

Director Community Engagement

The Community Engagement Directorate provides a wide range of assistance and programs. Service development and delivery is designed to provide a mix of services and programs for all members within the community.

Key responsibilities include:

  • Community programs, arts, development, funding and sponsorship
  • Safety information and strategies
  • Cultural development
  • Leisure services
  • Seniors and disability services
  • Safe City
  • Library and heritage services
  • Youth and Children's services
  • Communications, marketing and media liaison 
  • Leisure World
  • Don Russell Performing Arts Centre

Chris Terelinck 2019

Chris Terelinck

Director Planning and Development

The Planning & Development Directorate has three main business areas - Future Planning, Development Services and Building Services.

Key responsibilities include:

  • Urban regeneration
  • Economic development (including Tourism and Regional Development)
  • Strategic planning
  • Drafting and implementation of town planning schemes
  • Development applications
  • Land Use planning assessment
  • Subdivision assessment
  • Associated engineering assessment
  • Land acquisition and disposal for roads, reserves and pedestrian accessways
  • Statutory building Control.

Martyn Glover 2019

Martyn Glover

Director Infrastructure

The Infrastructure Directorate is diverse with business units accountable for the delivery of best practice design, construction and maintenance of infrastructure assets.

Key responsibilities include:

  • Road, footpath and drainage design, construction and maintenance
  • Design, construction and maintenance of City buildings
  • Leasing and hiring of Council buildings and reserves
  • Parks and Reserves design, development and maintenance
  • Fleet and waste services
  • Street signage
  • Bus shelters

Grant Bradbrook 2019

Grant Bradbrook

Director Business Services

The Business Services Directorate is responsible for managing the City's financial resources, information technology services and support, Health, Rangers, Emergency Services, Risk Management and Elected Members.

Key responsibilities include:

  • Geographical Information systems
  • Information and communication technology services
  • Accounting services
  • Budget preparation
  • Rates management
  • Assets management
  • Procurement services
  • Councillor support
  • Council and Committee meetings
  • Local government elections
  • Statutory compliance and health Control
  • Bush fire & emergency services
  • Rangers
  • Food and water monitoring
  • Public buildings
  • Animal control
  • Parking and off-road vehicles
  • Private swimming pools
  • Local Laws and Council policies
  • Risk management