In competition with private industry, the City of Gosnells offers a certification service for building work within the metro area. This service covers the issuance of compliance certificates in accordance with the Building Act 2011 (WA). The information below outlines the certificates available and the documentation required for an application.

Application forms and information sheets.

Certificate of design compliance (BA3)

A certificate of design compliance (form BA3) certifies that the design of a proposed building complies with the applicable building standards. A BA3 is required in order to lodge an application for building permit – certified (form BA1).

An application must include:

  • the application form,
  • fee,
  • plans and specifications for the proposed work.

Certificate of construction compliance (BA17)

A certificate of construction compliance (form BA17) certifies that a building complies with the applicable building permit and is suitable for the proposed use. A BA17 is required in order to obtain an occupancy permit for a newly completed or incomplete building.

An application must include:

  • the application form,
  • fee,
  • evidence that all required tests and inspections have been undertaken.
  • If the property is located in another local government area, or if the building permit was issued by another permit authority, copies of the permit, BA3 and approved documents will also be required.

Certificate of building compliance (BA18)

A certificate of building compliance (form BA18) certifies that a building complies with the applicable building standards and other requirements under the Act. A BA18 is required in order to change the use or classification of a building, to obtain building approval for built strata, or to obtain approval for unauthorised work.

An application must include:

  • the application form,
  • fee
  • any necessary documents.

For unauthorised work, as-constructed plans demonstrating compliance must be provided with the application, but for other application types please contact us for clarification.

Making an application

The City also provides an online submission service for builders and customers to lodge their applications with ease. Applications can still be lodged with our customer service staff in the office and by post.

An application must include:

  • the application fees
  • one copy of all required documents.

Incomplete applications risk refusal and will not be accepted.

Large applications, such as commercial developments, may be provided on USB if compliant with the City’s specifications.

Determining an application

The City aims to issue compliance certificates within 10 business days of submission unless amendments or additional information is requested. If the certification relates to an existing building the process may be delayed if work is required to achieve compliance.

An inspection may also be required in order confirm the compliance of existing buildings.

Issuance of permits and approval certificates

If certification is required in order to make an application to the City for approval (e.g. building permit, occupancy permit or building approval certificate), both applications may be submitted concurrently in accordance with the Terms of Service detailed on the application for compliance certificate form.

These terms state that from submission the approval application will be placed on hold until the required compliance certificate is issued. Both certificate and approval will be issued concurrently once any issues have been resolved. If the certificate cannot be issued the approval application may be refused.