The City recognises that all people are valued members of our community and that the diversity and talents that people with a disability offer are a vital part of the fabric of our society.

Recognising this diversity and supporting participation and inclusion of all creates a richer community life. Local government can be influential in many aspects of community life. City Councillors and staff have implemented positive changes to demonstrate a strong commitment to the provision of an accessible and equitable community using the guiding principle of inclusion.

The City developed its first Disability Services Plan in 1996. While there are many examples of good access and inclusion to be found within our infrastructure and the way that services are delivered, the City understands that accessible buildings, facilities and services, while being a sound basis on which to build access and inclusion, are not the sole means of achieving it.

Forming networks, partnerships and friendships that facilitate inclusion and a sense of belonging has a flow-on effect that builds the capacity of a community to live harmoniously and provides opportunities for all.

To let the City know about any access or inclusion barriers please contact

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