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Recycling bin not emptied

Before you contact the City on 9397 3000 please check that the following factors aren’t responsible for your recycling bin not being emptied on the scheduled day:

Does the recycle bin contain only recycled material?

If your recycling bin contains non-recyclable material it can contaminate an entire truck load. Look under the lid of the bin to check what can be recycled.

The bin is normally stickered stating it is contaminated, if the following items are contained in the bin:

  • Polystyrene, meat trays, cups and beads
  • Green waste or food waste
  • Gas bottles, flares, batteries or aerosols (full or empty)
  • Plastic bags or soft plastics
  • Textiles or clothing
  • Nappies

Refer to the Waste and Recycling Guide if you are unsure.

Was the bin put out on time and correctly?

Bins must be placed out by 6.00am and positioned 1 metre from the kerb with the wheels facing your property and allowing 0.5m space between bins.

Does the recycling bin belong to the City of Gosnells?

Our recycling bins have a distinct serial number and have our stamp on the bin lid. If your bin does not belong to the City the contractor cannot empty it. A note will be left advising you of the action you need to take to ensure resumption of the recycling collection service. 

Is the bin too heavy for the truck to lift?

The contents of your recycling bin weigh more than 50kg and the recycling truck could not lift it. A sticker will be left on the bin advising you of the corrective action needed to be taken before contacting the City on 9397 3000 to have the bin emptied.

Are the contents jammed?

Overfilling your bin and jamming the recyclable material into it can prevent the contents from emptying.

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