eNotices is the electronic delivery of your rate notices, via email.

eNotices will allow you to:

  • access, print and reprint notices as you need
  • store notices electronically
  • receive your notice quickly – faster than standard mail
  • reduce our carbon footprint
  • change the delivery method at any time (add additional emails, revert to post etc.)

NOTE: Once registered, electronic delivery and viewing of notices will take effect from the next issued notice.

How do I register for eNotices?

If you have paid Rates, and received a rates notice, your current rates notice features an eNotices Reference Number.

Use your eNotices Reference number to register:

  1. Go to gosnells.enotices.com.au and click on the “Sign Up” tab,
  2. Enter in your email address and eNotices Reference Number (find this number next to the eNotices logo on your notice in the Payment Methods section of the rates notice),
  3. Check your email inbox and click on the validation link,
  4. Create a password and enter your mobile number

And that’s it!  Your next account will be sent by electronic delivery.

If you don’t have a unique reference number but prefer to receive your rates notices via email, please email info@gosnells.wa.gov.au and request to be registered for eNotices.

FAQ: Registration and Account Management

I’m having trouble registering, I keep getting and error message: “Error! The eNotices reference number is invalid”

The eNotices Reference Number is unique to your account, and is located on your rates notice.

It’s easy to locate with the eNotices ‘e’ symbol.  Please ensure you have not made a typo when entering the reference number as it needs to be entered correctly in order to register for electronic delivery of that account. It must be the most recent notice you have received, older notices will have outdated reference numbers.

If you are still having issues utilising your eNotices Reference Number, please call us on (08) 9397 3000 or email us at info@gosnells.wa.gov.au

What is the eNotice ‘Reference Number’, and why does it change for each notice?

The eNotices Reference Number is a specific code needed to register for eNotices.

It changes every notice because it uses an algorithm to identify the specific notice being registered, in order to ensure its easy registration. Once registered the reference number is no longer required.

Why haven’t I received an email to activate my account or to see my Notice?

Please double check the email address you entered was correct. If so, please ensure your spam filter hasn’t diverted the emailed notice to the Spam Folder.

Another issue might be that some email providers have difficulties recognizing eNotice emails from noreply@enotices.com.au.

You can register with an alternate email address, or if you are still having issues, try adding noreply@formsport.com.au or noreply@enotices.com.au to your trusted contacts list.

Why is the ‘Mobile Phone Number’ a required field?

You will need to register a mobile phone number in order to retrieve a forgotten password for your account via mobile phone.

What if I forgot my password?

If you have forgotten your password, you can click ‘Forgot your Password’ link at the log in screen. Follow the prompts to receive an email with a password reset link.

My email address has changed, how do I update my registration?

You can update your details from the profile page of your eNotices Account.

To action this:

  1. Login into eNotices
  2. Click the profile tab in the top right corner of the dashboard page
  3. You will see your email address there as well as the date that it was verified on
  4. Enter your new email Address and press the save button in the bottom right corner of the page

You will be redirected back to the dashboard and a verification email will be sent to your updated email address. Follow the verification process once you receive this email.

If you don’t receive a verification email you can resend this to yourself by logging into eNotices, select the profile tab and click the ‘Resend Verification’ button located underneath your updated email address.

If you have any issues, please email info@gosnells.wa.gov.au and request to update your eNotices email address.

How do I recover my account if I change my email and password?

If you need to change your account email and password, please ensure you change your email first.

If you change the password before your email, and you no longer monitor your previous email, you may be locked out of the account. You will then need to contact the Rates Team to update your email for you.

How many Additional Email addresses can be added to an eNotices User profile?

There is a maximum limit to how many email addresses can be added to a single eNotices profile, but it is unlikely that a standard user would reach this limit.

Please ensure you remove any email addresses not being used anymore, as all listed email addresses will be emailed your notice automatically.

FAQ: Using eNotices

How do I register to receive electronic accounts for multiple properties?

If you have additional properties with the City you can add these to your account by going to your profile page.

To action this:

  1. Login into eNotices
  2. Click the profile tab in the top right corner of the dashboard page
  3. Under the ‘Accounts’ tab, you will see a list of accounts that are active
  4. Locate the eNotices Reference Number from the notice of the property you would like to add to your account
  5. Enter this in in the ‘Input eNotices Reference Number’ bar

If you have any issues, please email info@gosnells.wa.gov.au to request the account to be added to your profile. 

Can I revert back to paper accounts?

If you elect to no longer receive electronic bills, you can choose to elect to receive them by post.  To action this:

  1. Login into eNotices
  2. Click the profile tab in the top right corner of the dashboard page
  3. Under the ‘Accounts’ tab, you will see a list of accounts that are active
  4. Under the delivery method, change from ‘Email’ to ‘Post’ from the drop down options. Your next notice will be sent by post.

Please ensure that your postal address is correct by checking the latest notice issued to you. If this is incorrect, please go to our website and update your address using our online form. You can always change back to email notices if you prefer.

If you have any issues, please email info@gosnells.wa.gov.au to request your bill delivery method be changed back to post mail, ensure you provide your account number and account name.

Why was a notice issued by post when it is registered for eNotices?

If you have changed your name, this can cause the system to revert back to paper notices. You can log in to your account and check under your ‘Accounts’ section to ensure your notices are set to ‘Email’. If not, you can re-add your accounts back with the reference number on your most recent paper notice.

Why can’t I see all the Notices/Accounts?

In your account, under the ‘Notices’ section, check if you have applied a search filter in the ‘Advanced Search Options’ tab. If there are any filters present it will restrict what notices you can see. You can click the ‘Reset’ button and then click ‘Apply’ to clear all filters.

It may also have been caused by a recent name change. If so you can re-add your accounts back with the reference number on your most recent paper notice.

Why can’t I open/view my notice?

You will need an up-to-date Adobe brand PDF viewer to view your notice on computer, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader.

What happens if I reply to an email sent from noreply@enotices.com.au?

Since the email address is not monitored, no action will be taken on your response. You will not receive a bounce/undeliverable notification, please ensure if you have a query to contact the City directly.

What do I do if my property is being managed by a Real Estate Agent/Property Manager?

You or your property manager will need to contact the City in writing via info@gosnells.wa.gov.au to advise that rates notices should be forwarded to your Property Manager as they are now responsible for making payment of the rates on your behalf. If the Property Manager has an eNotices account, they will receive the rates notices via email.

I am a Real Estate Agent/Property Manager, how do I receive rates notices via email for the properties I manage?

Please contact the City in writing via info@gosnells.wa.gov.au and request an eNotices account be created for your agency. Please do not use a reference number from a rates notice given to you by the owner to create your own account. The City will create one account for your agency and link all the properties you manage to the one eNotices account.