Dog control

Ranger Services are responsible for enforcing the Dog Act 1976 as well as the City's Dogs Local Law 2011 which provides for the regulation, control and management of dogs within the district.

Responsible Dog Ownership

The City promotes responsible dog ownership.  Being a responsible dog owner is about understanding your pet’s needs and your responsibilities to the community. The responsibility for a dog's actions rests with its owners.

Cleaning Up After Your Dog

Individuals are required to pick up after their dogs when in a public place. Failure to do so may result in a fine of $100.  Dog faeces must be disposed of responsibly.

Numbers of Dogs

The City's Dogs Local Law permits the keeping of a maximum of two dogs over the age of three months in any area of the City other than the gazetted Kennel Zone.

Lost and found dogs

What to do if you have lost your dog, or have found a dog.

Report your lost pet

Report your missing dog or cat using our on-line form.

Nuisance dogs

Information on how to report a nuisance barking dog.

Dog attacks

How to report a dog attack.

Dangerous dogs

Information about Dangerous dogs.

Wandering dogs

Management of wandering dogs.

Kennel zone

Information about the Kennel zone.