Visit some of our 300 parks, 226 playgrounds, 9 sporting reserves, 4 skate parks, 4 tennis clubs and dog exercise areas.


Approval is required to host corporate, community or private events such as weddings and naming ceremonies. Please see the range of parks available to be hired here.


Please note that gazebos and barbecues are available on a first come, first served basis.

Barbecues can be used between 6am and 10pm. Please leave the barbecues in good condition after use. Cleaning is undertaken by the City on a weekly basis. 

Water aerators in lakes and wetlands are on a timed schedule. They operate in summer between 6am and 6pm and in winter between 4pm and 6pm. Aerator times can be adjusted for special occasions.

Outdoor Exercise Equipment

Exercise equipment can be found at several parks including:

  • Dowitcher Loop Reserve, Gosnells
  • Harmony Fields Reserve, Maddington
  • Lander Swamp Reserve, Southern River
  • Langford Avenue Reserve, Langford
  • Mills Park, Beckenham
  • Partridge Way Reserve
  • You are invited to contribute towards an exciting new project being developed at John Okey Davis Park in Gosnells.
  • Find out where you can exercise your dog on and off the lead.
  • The City of Gosnells requires that all fitness trainers obtain a permit to conduct fitness training activities on any of its public open...
  • See what parks are in your area.
  • Requests for memorial plaques are guided by the Placement of Memorial on Public Open Space Policy (CP 2.3.13) and are reserved for residents...
  • For access within a Park or Reserve for Private Works an application form and bond must be submitted prior to works.
  • Public toilet facilities can be found in numerous locations throughout the City of Gosnells. They are opened for use from 9am until dusk 7...
  • Explore the walking trails and cycling paths in the City of Gosnells.