How do I know who operates street lights in the City of Gosnells?

Western Power is responsible for 95% of the street lights within the City of Gosnells. You can identify street lights operated by Western Power on their website, or by looking for a label like the ones below: 

Street light label from Western Power
Image provided by Western Power






If there is not a label like this, it is likely the street light is one of the small number operated by the City.

How do I report faulty street lighting?

Street lighting operated by Western Power: 

Try to find the power pole number, or know the approximate location of the light and report it to Western Power. This is an online reporting tool that shows all lights operated by Western Power. If you can not find the light you wish to report, contact the City.
In an emergency, phone Western Power on 13 13 51. Do not submit information online if there is an immediate danger to people. 

Street lighting operated by the City of Gosnells: 

Phone the City: 9397 3000
Note: Please provide the location of the street light - the street it is on and the nearest intersection or house number.