City of Gosnells street tree policy

Management of street trees in the City is guided by the Street Tree Policy, which has the following objectives:

  • Encourage the planting of appropriately selected tree species in the City
  • Guide decisions regarding the planting, management and removal of street trees
  • Ensure the protection of existing trees worthy of retaining in the road reserve
  • Identify management responsibilities
  • Provide consistent advice on all enquiries relating to street trees.

Online street tree application 

The City will only consider requests for a new or replacement verge tree from a property owner, property manager or strata council representative.

Join with the City of Gosnells in promoting more liveable communities and apply online for a street tree to be planted on your verge.

Please refer to the list of suggested street trees, while completing your application.

General information

Street trees improve the health of our communities, improve the appearance of streets, reduce urban heating, provide shade and shelter for people and wildlife and calm traffic speeds.

Council encourages the planting of at least one street tree per property frontage throughout the City. Tree species are selected based on their suitability, the presence of other services, and the size of the planting space available. The planting site will also be assessed as to whether it interferes with the sight lines of pedestrians and drivers. Once your request is received, City staff will inspect the area and advise on the approval for the tree. Properties usually receive one tree per frontage but corner properties can receive up to three trees with an additional two on the side verge.

Most trees are ordered 12 months in advance. Planting commences every June and is suspended at the end of winter. Every effort will be made to supply your new tree by the following planting season, pending stock availability. If there is a delay, you will be advised.

The City seeks the assistance of residents in ensuring the new street tree has the best opportunity to thrive. Street verges are hostile environments for heat, drought, wind and pollutants. The City will water the tree at least once weekly, but residents may need to assist with additional watering and care. The City reserves the right to prune the tree if required. Residents should contact the City on 9397 3000 if they have any pruning requests or concerns for their verge tree.