Development Assessment Panels (DAPs) are independent decision making bodies comprising a mix of technical experts and elected local government representatives. The purpose of the DAPs is to determine development applications in the place of local governments and the Western Australian Planning Commission, where a financial value threshold is reached.

Current applications

The following current JDAP application/s are located within the City of Gosnells:

  • Lot 9027 Logistics Boulevard Kenwick - Industry - Noxious 
  • 476 (Lot 2) and Lot 1 Southern River Road - Child Care Premises, Veterinary Centre, Office, Consulting Room, Lunch Bar & Restaurant
  • 177 (Lot 304) and 179 (Lot 503) William Street Beckenham - Child Care Premise
  • Lot 9036 Logistics Boulevard Kenwick - Warehouse and Incidental Office
  • 25 (Lot 136) Ovens Road Thornlie - Child Care Centre

Scheduled meetings

 A Metro Outer JDAP meeting has been scheduled at:

  • 9:30am on 14 September 2021 (via Zoom), to determine the following application;
    •  Portion of Lot 9027 Logistics Boulevard, Kenwick - Industry - Noxious
  • 9:30am on 22 September 2021, to determine the following application;
    •  Lot 9036 Logistics Boulevard, Kenwick and Lot 9032 Courtney Place, Wattle Grove - Warehouse and Incidental Office 
    • 177 (Lot 304) and 179 (Lot 503) William Street Beckenham - Child Care Premise

Presentation Requests

  • To make a presentation to the DAP, please complete the Presentation Request Template and email it to the DAP Secretariat 
  • The request is to be submitted at least 3 days prior to the DAP meeting.
  • If presentation approval is obtained, each presentation is to be a maximum of five minutes, unless the Presiding Member allows for an extension of time. 

The relevant agenda and meeting minutes for those items can be accessed by clicking the link below.