To find information regarding a property the quickest way to start is to do an address search using the tab located at the bottom. Enter the unit or house number first followed by the street name. The list of available matches will reduce as the address is entered.



A selection of maps are arranged in modules. The default map is known as the property module. For a full explanation of the different maps click on the Map Module List.


Map functions

Map functionality is arranged in 3 tabs:

VIEW: IntraMaps_Home.png Original View IntraMaps_Pan.pngPan IntraMaps_ZoomOut.png Zoom In IntraMaps_ZoomIn.pngZoom Out IntraMaps_Back.pngBack IntraMaps_Forward.pngForward

TOOL:IntraMaps_Point.pngPoint Selection IntraMaps_Info.pngInformation IntraMaps_Coord.pngCoordinates IntraMaps_MeasureDist.pngMeasure DistanceIntraMaps_MeasureArea.png Measure Area

EXPORT: IntraMaps_Print.pngPrint IntraMaps_XMapImage.pngExport Map Image IntraMaps_XMapLink.pngExport Map as Link (Bookmark)

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