How can I get information about recycling?

More information can be found in the City's Waste and Recycling Guide. Information on recycling in Western Australia can be found on the Recycle Right WA webpage and to tailor it to the City, look for information under the 2-bin system.  

At Switch Your Thinking and Recycle Right WA you can find a number of handy hints and fact sheets to help increase the sustainability practices in your home. 

When are the next bulk waste verge collections?

Each financial year the City provides one general junk collection and two green waste collections.

Find your verge collection dates using our online tool, or by calling the City on 9397 3000. 

The online tool will also provide information about the progress of the verge collections in your area. Check this website for updates regarding verge collections through out the year. 

Visit our residential verge collections page for more information and guidelines on what will and won't be collected by the City. Please remember to be courteous to your neighbours and do not put your items out for collection more than 7 days prior. 

Where can I dispose of household hazardous waste, including paint?

Domestic quantities of flammable liquids, petrol, paints, acids, chemicals, poisons and gas cylinders can be disposed of for free at the following locations.

The household hazardous waste (HHW) program covers the free and safe disposal of your unwanted  household chemicals or hazardous materials and what materials can be accepted.

Only car batteries, lead acid batteries, x-rays, light bulbs and up to 20L of motor oil can be accepted at the City's Operation Centre. No other household hazardous waste is accepted at this location:

2 Canning Park Avenue (off Kelvin Road), Maddington
Day: Monday to Friday
Time: 7am and 3:30pm

Are tip passes available for residents?

The City does not issue tip passes.

For alternative waste disposal sites, you can contact the following sites for information on waste disposal and costs:

For alternative waste disposal sites, visit recycling near you.

Users pay for disposal costs.

What happens to my green waste?

On average 5,000 tonnes of green waste a year is taken to a processing facility where it is turned into important resources, such as soil conditioner and horticultural products.

These are used in preventing soil erosion and increasing water retention in parks, gardens and landscaped areas.

For this reason, the processing facility will not accept any contaminated green waste, so please ensure the items placed on the verge meet our guidelines.

Who do I report a damaged or stolen bin to?

If your rubbish or recycling bin:

  • is missing
  • damaged with a split from normal wear and tear
  • needs repair due to a missing lid, a wheel fallen off or has missing lid hinge pins

Please request a replacement bin via our online form, and a member of City staff will be in contact. 

How do I order a rubbish or recycling bin?

All rateable residential properties within the city are provided with a grey 240 litre rubbish bin (grey lid) and a 240 litre recycling bin (yellow lid). The City is only able to process requests from the property owner or managing agent. 

Replacement bins can also be ordered using the below form.

Order a new rubbish or recycling bin

My bin was not emptied - what can I do?

You can report a missed bin collection via an online form.

You can also view our missed bin guidelines which provides more information about why your bin may have been missed.

How do I report illegal rubbish dumping?

You can help to reduce litter by becoming a Keep Australia Beautiful WA Litter Reporter.

If you see someone littering, you can report the offence online or via an Apple or Android app.

To register, and for more information, visit the Keep Australia Beautiful webpage.

Where can I recycle old x-rays?

Deliver them to a special bin at the City's Operations Centre, which is located at 2 Canning Park Avenue (off Kelvin Road), Maddington.

Alternatively, the Recycling Near You website has information on other recycling locations.