Public toilet facilities can be found in numerous locations throughout the City of Gosnells.

They are open for use from 9am until dusk seven days a week. With the exception of Ellis Brook public toilets, the facilities are wheelchair accessible.


Suburb Location Address  


Mills Park 1

Mills Park 2

Mills Park Skate Plaza

Mills Park Centre

Brixton Street, Beckenham

Bickley Road, Beckenham

Brixton Street, Beckenham

Brixton Street, Beckenham

Canning Vale Lexington Park Lexington Avenue, Canning Vale  


Civic Centre

Gosnells Oval South

Gosnells Railway Station

Jean Garvey Pavilion

John Okey Davis Park

Mary Carroll Park - Changing Places facility

Pioneer Park

Robinson Park

Albany Highway, Gosnells

Walter Street, Gosnells

Wheatley Street, Gosnells

Ashburton Drive, Gosnells

Homestead Road, Gosnells

Eudoria Street, Gosnells

Astley Street, Gosnells

Corfield Street, Gosnells

Huntingdale Leipold Pavilion
Sutherlands Park A B
Gay Street, Huntingdale
Holmes Street, Huntingdale
Langford Langford Oval Nightjar Lane, Langford  


Harmony Fields Pavilion

Maddington Skate Park

Alcock Street, Maddington

Westfield Street, Maddington

Martin Ellis Brook Rushton Road, Martin  
Orange Grove Hardinge Park/Bickley Reservoir Hardinge Road, Orange Grove  


Homestead Park

Thornlie Avenue Reserve

Tom Bateman 2 Pavilion

Walter Padbury Park

Glenbrook Road, Thornlie

Thornlie Avenue, Thornlie

Wilfred Road, Thornlie

Elvington Way, Thornlie