Development approval is required for most types of commercial and industrial work but is only required for some types of residential work. The information below outlines when development approval is required for a single house or a minor structure associated with a single house or grouped dwelling.

When is development approval required?

Development approval is required for a single house or a minor structure associated with a single house or grouped dwelling if:

  • the proposal does not satisfy the deemed-to-comply provisions and proposes to address a design principle of Part 5 of the Residential Design Codes Volume 1; or
  • the proposal involves a variation to an adopted local development plan.

It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that all prescribed approvals, including development approval, have been obtained and are being complied with before submitting an application for building permit.

Making an application

Applications must be submitted online through the City’s portal. An application must include the application fees and one copy of all required documents. Incomplete applications risk refusal and will not be accepted. Refer to the Related Links below for application forms, fees and checklists.

Determining an application

The City must determine an application for development approval within 60 calendar days or 90 calendar days if the proposal requires neighbour comment. 

Applications are assessed for compliance with the relevant development controls, including the Residential Design Codes and the City’s local planning policies. Variations to the deemed-to-comply provisions of the Residential Design Codes are assessed against the City’s Local Planning Policy 1.1 – Residential Development and other polices which set out variations approved by Council that are considered to satisfy the design principles of the codes. If an application is found to comply development approval is issued, but if an application does not comply it may be refused. If further information is required a request may be made in writing (email or letter) and the information is to be provided within 21 calendar days to avoid refusal.

The applicant will be advised of the application outcome in writing. Approvals may be issued subject to conditions that must be complied with as directed in order to obtain a building permit.

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