The City is required to maintain records of all building approvals issued. This includes building licences and permits, plans and supporting documentation. A property owner may request copies of these documents from the City.

Make a Plan Search Request Online or in person at the Civic Centre.

A request must include the following:

  • Payment of the plan search fee (online applicants will be contacted for payment before the request will be processed);
  • Applicant’s identification (e.g. driver’s licence), to confirm they are the current property owner;
  • If the applicant is not the property owner, written authorisation from the owner or a copy of the contract of sale to purchase the land.

Once all items have been received, a comprehensive search will be undertaken. The City aims to undertake the search within 10 business days. Additional time may be required, particularly as some hardcopy records may be stored off-site. Please understand that due to the age of some properties, some documents may be unavailable.

Once the search is complete, documents may be posted, collected or emailed. If hardcopies are required, please note that additional printing fees may apply.

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