Electrified fences are not permitted, unless the City of Gosnells has given written approval to erect an electrified fence, in accordance with the City of Gosnells Fencing Local Law 2017 (the Local Law).

A building permit may be required depending on the height of the fence and the materials used (i.e. – a masonry fence over 0.75m in height).

Electrified fences on a residential lot

The City generally does not support the erection of an electrified fence in a Residential zone.

Electrified fences on rural zoned lots

An electrified fence on a rural zoned lot does not require approval under the Local Law IF the fence complies with Australia Standard/New Zealand Standard 3016:2002 - Electrical Installations - Electric Security Fences (AS/NZS 3016:2002) and if any wire that carries an electric charge is located at least 300mm away from all boundaries on the lot.

If the electrified fence does not comply with AS/NZS 3016:2002 or the conditions of the Local Law or is located within 300mm of the boundary of the lot, an application must be submitted for the electrified fence.

The application must include:

Electrified Fencing in a Commercial / Industrial Area:

An electrified fence in a Commercial or Industrial requires approval under the City’s Local Law. Approval will not be granted unless the fence complies with AS/NZS 3016:2002.

Cancellation of Approval for an electrified fence

Under the City’s Local Laws an approval may be revoked/cancelled if:

  • The fence no longer satisfies the requirements of the local laws or AS/NZS 3016:2002 , or
  • The licence holder breaches any condition upon which the licence has been issued.

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