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Waste and recycling guide

To reduce waste and minimise costs for our ratepayers, the City is providing its Waste and Recycling Guide on our website, rather than delivering a printed guide to our residents. You can request a printed copy of the guide by calling the City on 9397 3000 or in person at the Civic Centre or our libraries and the Addie Mills Centre.

Our updated Waste and Recycling Calendar for 2018/19 has been printed on the back of the Term 3 Programs and events booklet, which was delivered to all homes in the City during June. You can cut it out to keep a copy on your fridge for easy reference.

Don’t overfill your bin which prevents the lid from closing and results in wind-blown litter, spillages during collection and prevents your bin from being emptied properly.

What not to place in your bins

Please do not place any of the following items in your bins as they have the potential to cause damage/fires in the collection truck:

  • Hot ashes
  • Bricks, tiles, building materials, sand, soil, concrete, rocks, asbestos
  • Household hazardous waste including flammable liquids, petrol, paints, acids, chemicals, poisons, household batteries (dry-cell), motor oil, gas cylinders
  • Car parts and tyres

What to place in your recycling bin

Contamination can make your recycling efforts go to waste. The following recyclable materials should be placed loose in your recycling bin and not in plastic bags:

  • All plastic bottles and containers
    (rinsed with lids off)
  • All glass bottles and jars
    (rinsed with lids off)
  • All paper, milk, and juice cartons, magazines and cardboard
  • All aluminium and steel cans

Keep these items out of your yellow top bins

  • Polystyrene, meat trays, cups and beads
  • Green waste or food waste
  • Gas bottles, flares and batteries
  • Plastic bags or soft plastics
  • Textiles or clothing
  • Nappies
  • Aerosol cans (full or empty)
  • Xrays

The following items can be dropped off at the City’s Operation Centre, 2 Canning Park Avenue, Maddington

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