Council supports planning changes

Extensive community feedback has helped the City of Gosnells finalise two important planning documents – the Local Planning Scheme 24 (LPS 24) and the Local Planning Strategy.

Council endorsed these two planning documents at its meeting on 23 February 2021.

The decision followed a six-month period of public consultation. The City received 183 submissions from landowners, residents, and government agencies, prompting a number of changes in relation to higher-density development around train stations and activity centres, and proposed zoning in the City’s Rural areas.

Council supported almost half of the 183 submissions received, either in part or in full – and this resulted in the adoption of many extra refinements to the draft Scheme.

The documents have now been submitted to the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) for consideration, requesting that the Minister for Planning grant final approval of the LPS 24.

LPS 24 is expected to be considered by the WAPC (mid year) and approved by the Minister for Planning by December 2024.

Local Planning Scheme No. 24

This Document sets out how land is to be used and developed, classifies areas for land use, and includes provisions to coordinate infrastructure and development within the City of Gosnells.

The draft Local Planning Scheme No. 24 (LPS 24) will replace Town Planning Scheme No. 6 (TPS 6). LPS 24 zones land and allows a coordinated approach to development in the City.

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Local Planning Strategy

The Local Planning Strategy:

  • recognises and incorporates social, economic, and environmental changes occurring in the City of Gosnells,
  • reflects and integrates the vision and directions of the community, particularly housing, transport, and employment,
  • is used to inform the City's Local Planning Scheme,
  • outlines the City's intentions relating to planning matters to implement the Local Planning Scheme

Download: Local Planning Strategy 

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