Administrative Matters

These Policies relate to matters that involve the Administration of the City.

Awards, Sponsorship and Competitions

Policies for the management of sponsorship and awards.

Building, Fencing and Amenity on Private Land

These Policies cover matters relating to private land matters.

City Buildings and Reserves

These Policies cover matters relating to City owned buildings and reserves.

Community Services

Policies relating to Community Groups, Programs and Services.

Elected Members

Policies relating to the Elected Members of Council.

Employees. Human Resources, Safety and Health

Policies relating to staff matters.

Environmental Protection and Management

Policies which relate to the natural and built environment.

Financial Management, Rating and Procurement

These policies relate to purchasing and procurement and other financial matters.

Governance Matters

These policies deal with governance matters.

Local planning policy framework

The City's local planning policies.

Meeting Arrangements

Policies for meetings of Council

Other Policies Relating to Planning Matters

Policies to be considered when seeking planning approval.

Recreation and Leisure

Various policies regarding Leisure matters.

Roads, Drainage, Streetscapes, Crossings and Infrastructure

Policies that relate to assets of the City.