A demolition permit must be obtained before commencing demolition work, unless the work is exempt. The information below outlines how to obtain a demolition permit for demolition work. For application forms and information sheets, or to find out what types of demolition work are exempt, refer to the Related Links below.

Making an application

An application for demolition permit (form BA5) must be on the approved form and include each thing that is prescribed by legislation. This includes evidence that all relevant service providers have been notified of the work and that the building has been baited for rodents.

Applications can be submitted online through the City’s portal. Applications must include one copy of all required documents, including an application for verge permit.  A tax invoice will be emailed to the applicant for the payment of the application fees. Incomplete applications risk refusal and will not be accepted. The City is still accepting applications in the office or by post. Refer to the Related Links below for application forms, fees, checklists and document specifications.

 NOTE: All other required approvals should be in place and complied with when making an application for demolition permit. This includes development approval, health approval (i.e. removal of septic apparatus) and heritage approval.

Determining an application

The City must determine an application for demolition permit within 10 business days. Applications are assessed for compliance with the Building Act 2011 (WA) and the applicable building standards. If an application complies a permit is issued, but if an application does not comply it may be refused. If further information is required a formal request may be made in writing (email or letter) and the information is to be provided within 21 calendar days to avoid refusal. The applicant, property owner/s and demolition contractor will be advised of the application outcome in writing.

A demolition permit may be issued subject to conditions and inspections. The conditions must be read and understood before starting work and all inspection must be conducted as directed. Evidence of all completed inspections must be provided with the notice of completion after work is completed.

Demolition Permit Fees

Fees for a demolition permit are set out in Schedule 2 of the Building Regulations 2012. Please refer to the City’s Building Fees and Charges 


Before undertaking demolition, the following service providers must be notified:

  • Electrical supply (Western Power) and gas supply (Alinta Gas).
  • Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety - WorkSafe.

Evidence of notification (i.e. application forms, emails, receipts) is to be provided with the application. All requirements or conditions set by these authorities/suppliers must be adhered to.

Heritage Buildings and Places

When the work includes buildings or place that are Heritage listed, you will need to contact the City to ensure that relevant planning approvals (if required) have been obtained. Evidence of the decision or recommendation is to be provided with the application.

Temporary Crossing

When required by the City, the permit holder may be instructed to install a temporary crossing over the verge area as specified by the City. During Demolition works a verge permit is required for the use of the City’s verge for temporarily parking vehicles, storing materials, locating a bulk bin or accessing private property from the public road.

Pest Control

A certificate is to be obtained from a certified pest control professional, or details of rodent baiting undertaken is to be provided, demonstrating that the demolition site has been treated as to ensure that it is not infested by rodents. The premises must be baited to kill any rodents which may be on the property. Baits should be placed in all rooms, roof space and sub floor (if applicable) and left for a minimum of 7 days. If the bait is taken it should be replaced until the rats cease taking the baits.

Septic Tanks and Leach Drains

Septic tanks and leach drains must be decommissioned by a licensed Liquid Waste contractor and a certificate forwarded to the City’s Health Services branch. Septic tanks must be emptied then filled with clean sand, or removed completely. The City is to be notified 7 days prior to emptying and/or filling any septic tanks on the site. Leach drains or similar apparatus must be completely removed from site.

Material Removal

Unless otherwise authorised by the City, any materials removed or displaced from the building cannot be placed on a floor within the building. They must be immediately lowered to the ground and thereafter removed from the site. Materials are not to be placed on any street, road or right of way and under no circumstances may they be burned on the site.


  • When the demolition work comprises of more than one storey, each storey shall be removed in descending order commencing with the uppermost storey. Where the work may pose a risk to the public a hording and overhead gantry must be provided to protect pedestrians.
  • Where the site includes materials containing asbestos fibre, the demolition work and disposal of the materials is to be as required by the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety.
  • All existing luminous signs and ionization smoke detectors incorporation radioactive substances are to be disposed of in a manner approved by the Radioactive Health Section of the Health Department of WA.
  • The site shall be kept sprayed with water to prevent any nuisance from dust.
  • The demolition site shall be cleared and left tidy to the satisfaction of the City within 90 days of commencing the demolition work.