For Design Review expertise, the City of Gosnells uses the City of Canning’s Design Review Panel (DRP) which is responsible for providing the City with a range of expert advice on urban design, architecture and landscape design aspects of various development proposals which meet certain requirements.

Addressing the DRP’s advice does not imply that development approval has or will be granted. While the DRP does not have decision-making powers, its advice will be taken into consideration in the assessment of the development application and conveyed to the decision-maker of the application.

For further information about what application types should be presented to the DRP, please refer to the City’s Local Planning Policy 4.12 – Design Review.

Applicants are encouraged to seek the advice of the DRP in the early stages of the design process, prior to lodging an application for development approval.

Meeting Dates

Meetings are generally held on the second Thursday of each month commencing at 9:30am at the City of Canning Administration Building at 1317 Albany Highway Cannington. However these meeting dates/times/location are subject to change, so please contact the City of Gosnells for confirmation.

Meeting Fees

There is a fee required to be paid by the applicant for the design review panel process which is based on the estimated cost of the development which can be found in the City's Planning Fees and Charges. Once plans are lodged for the purposes of design review, an invoice will be sent to the proponent. 

Design review process

Before the meeting

The proponent submits the proposal to the City a minimum of 10 working days prior to scheduled meeting date.

The DRP Terms of Reference outlines the information which is to be provided with proposal is contained in the City of Canning’s LP.06.

During the meeting

Proponents are invited to attend the meeting and provide a 10 minute presentation to the DRP, which should address the following:

  • The aspirations of the proposal, as well as the contextual understanding of the site and how the project sits within and relates to its surroundings;
  • How the proposal addresses the relevant development requirements, including rationale for any variations to these; and
  • How the proposal addresses the design principles of good design, as outlined in Appendix 1 of the City of Canning’s Local Planning Policy LP.06.

The DRP will provide advice with regard to the design principles, with clear direction as to whether the DRP support the proposal, or if further review is required. If applicable, the DRP will also consider if previous advice has been satisfied.

After the meeting

The City will provide the minutes of the meeting, including the agreed actions and relevant comments and recommendations of the DRP, to the proponent within 5 working days of the meeting;

Proposals may need to be presented to a further DRP meeting if:

  • Major modifications were recommended by the DRP;
  • Insufficient information was provided with the for the initial DRP meeting;
  • The design quality of the proposal is substantially inconsistent with the proposal considered by the DRP at the first meeting;
  • The City does not consider that the recommendations of the DRP have been sufficiently addressed.

When submitting a development application for a proposal which has been reviewed by the DRP, a statement is to be provided with the development application which details how, and the extent to which, the comments made by the DRP have been addressed.

More information

If have any questions regarding the Design Review Panel process, please contact:
City’s Development Services
9397 3000
Email: council@gosnells.wa.gov.au