The City includes residential and rural properties.  Various types of stock are kept in rural areas and occasionally wander on roads and public places.

All stock owners must ensure that fences and gates are in good repair and to a standard capable of containing the type of stock normally held on the property.

Owners of stock that wander on roads or in public places and cause, or are deemed to have caused, an accident may be liable for any damages resulting from such an accident.

Any stock found to be wandering may be impounded by the City's Rangers. 

Report wandering stock to Ranger Services on 9397 3000.  After hours calls will be diverted to the City's after hours call centre. Please provide as much information as possible when making a report.

For calls about animals wandering on Tonkin Highway, Roe Highway and any other Main Roads access roads please call 138 138, or if calling after hours ring the Police on 131 444.

Animal welfare

Animal welfare and cruelty issues should be reported to the RSPCA on 9209 9300.