Works in a thoroughfare

There are times during development construction or upgrade of utilities when it may be necessary to carry out works within an existing thoroughfare.

The City requires:

  • a minimum assessment time once an application is submitted of 10 working days
  • application forms to be completed, fees paid and permits given
  • compliance with specific conditions that are applicable within the City
  • traffic management.

Temporary thoroughfare closures

Any individual or organization that proposes to undertake works within a City of Gosnells’ road reserve that requires the whole or partial temporary closure of the thoroughfare must obtain prior approval from the City.

Applications are required for all proposed works that will exceed 4 continuous hours and will result in an impediment to road users – including motorists, pedestrians, people with disabilities and cyclists – or result in delays exceeding 15 minutes to the road user.

Minimum assessment times once an application is submitted:

  • a minimum of 3 weeks for closures less than 4 weeks
  • a minimum of 6 weeks for closures more than 4 weeks.

Please also refer to the relevant Information sheet, the ‘Conditions for construction works in a thoroughfare’ and be aware that a Traffic management plan assessment may be required.

Traffic management

Uniform, safe and appropriate traffic management is required for all thoroughfare closures and some works in thoroughfare sites within the City. All traffic management plans must be reviewed by the Traffic Engineer - Road Safety Team.

An application needs to be completed and a permit provided before any work is to commence.

Application forms and conditions