New bin service

All rateable residential properties within the City are provided with:

  • 240 litre rubbish bin (grey lid)
  • 240 litre recycling bin (yellow lid).

Once you have moved into your property, you can order a new bin online or by emailing We will deliver the appropriate bins to you within one working day.

Commercial tenancies within the City may also receive a rubbish and recycling service. To discuss your options please contact our Customer Services Officer on 9397 3000.

Replacement bin

If your rubbish or recycling bin:

  • is missing
  • damaged with a split from normal wear and tear
  • needs repair due to a missing lid
  • has missing or broken wheels
  • has missing lid hinge pins
  • or is damaged in some other way making it unfit for use

Contact our Customer Services Officer on 9397 3000 who will arrange either a replacement rubbish bin or the necessary repairs to the bin to be carried out.

Please leave bin out on your rubbish/recycling bin collection day. 

Additional refuse/recycling bin

For the majority of our residents, the standard 2 bin provision is enough for their waste and recycling needs.

However, under certain circumstances, the City will provide additional services/bins. For example residents with large families or residents with medical conditions (supporting evidence from your doctor is required) may require additional services.

Terms and Conditions

  • The request for additional services will be assessed using the City's criteria and will  be approved where there are substantiated reasons for an additional waste or recycling bin service.
  • A fee is applicable for additional bins, please refer to the current fees and charges schedule.
  • Only property owners and managing agents (not tenants) can apply for this service.
  • If an additional bin is approved, these charges will be added to your rates notice each year.
  • Please note that the service charge is reviewed and subject to change each year.
  • There is no additional charge for a replacement bin if it is missing or damaged. Charges are only applicable for additional bins or services.

As the owner or agent of this property you agree to the fee for additional bins, as set out in the fees and charges schedule and acknowledge that, if approved, these fees will be added to your rates notice each year, and are subject to review and possible change.