Annual Financial Report

Annual Financial Report

Annual Report

Annual Reports provide a snap shot of the organisation's performance for the preceding year.

Budget and Rates Newsletter

The Budget and Rates Newsletter is mailed to all ratepayers with the annual rates notice. It provides information on planned projects for the year ahead, as well as the rates incentive prizes.


Annual Budget documents are adopted by Council and are available for viewing at City Libraries and from this website

Economic Profile

Having access to the right information can be critical in business. Local economic information is provided by the City of Gosnells and has been sourced from other Government Agencies

Fees and Charges

Fees and Charges for City services are adopted by Council each year.

How your City works for you

How your City works for you.

Life in the City of Gosnells

Don’t miss our monthly information page as featured in local newspapers.

Sports Plan 2020-2029

The City’s Sports Plan provides a roadmap for development of new sport and recreation facilities as well as improved use of existing facilities to enable more people to be more active more often.