Off-road vehicles are governed under the Control of Vehicles (Off-Road Areas) Act 1978. Vehicles used in off-road activities can include any vehicle that is propelled by an engine or other mechanical source of power and commonly referred to as motorcycles, buggies and four-by-fours.

The use of off-road vehicles is not permitted in the City unless on private property with the property owner’s consent. Offenders are likely to receive an infringement and may have their vehicle impounded.

Any activity involving unlicensed vehicles in the streets

Must be reported to the Police on 131 444 as these activities are offences under the Road Traffic Act 1974.

If you see an off-road vehicle in a park or a reserve

  • Contact Ranger Services: 9397 3000.
  • After hours: 9397 3000 and your call will be diverted to the City's after hours call centre.

Off-road vehicle driving is permitted in the follwing areas

Details relating to the location of the sites can be obtained from the relevant local government, the Department of Local Government or the Department of Environment and Conservation.

  • Gnangara Pine Plantation, Gnangara Road, Lexia (City of Swan).
  • Pines area, corner of Pinjar Road and Wattle Avenue, Pinjar (operated by Department of Environment and Conservation) .
  • Kwinana off-road area, Thomas Road, Medina (Town of Kwinana).
  • Ledge Point (Shire of Gingin).
  • Lancelin (Shire of Gingin).

Environmental impact

Users of off-road vehicles should be aware that noise emanating from the vehicles may constitute a disturbance for nearby residents.

Drivers and riders are also reminded that regular use of the same area not only threatens flora and fauna but may cause degradation of the land, erosion of soils and dust pollution. Environmental impact issues, including noise, are regulated by the Environmental Protection Act 1986.