Councillor Annual Fees and Allowances

Local Governments are required to pay Councillors fees and allowances. Those fees and allowances must be in accordance with rates set by the State Government's Salaries and Allowances Tribunal. Fees and allowances paid by the City to Councillors are detailed in the table below.

Annual Fees and Allowances
(paid in monthly instalments to Councillors)
Annual attendance fees
Mayor $47,516.00
Councillor $31,678.00
Annual Mayoral Allowance $89,753.00
Annual Deputy Mayoral Allowance
(25% of the Mayoral Allowance)
Annual Telecommunications Allowance (Council Policy 5.4.23 - Councillor Allowances, Expenses and Supplies provides for 100% of the maximum SAT allowance of $3,500 $3,500.00

Councillor Disclosures

Meeting Attendances

Pre Ordinary Council Meeting Briefing Sessions are held prior to Council Meetings commencing at 5.30pm and provide an opportunity for Councillors to ask questions and seek clarification on items included on the Council Agenda.

Councillor Workshops are held on alternate Tuesdays to Council Meetings and provide an opportunity for staff to brief Councillors on strategic issues, major projects and any other issues the CEO considers relevant for Councillors.

Record of attendances by Elected Members at Ordinary Council Meetings, Pre-OCM Briefing Sessions, Councillor Workshops, Special Council Meetings, Electors’ Meetings.

Gift Register

The Local Government Act requires Councillors and designated employees to disclose any gifts they receive in the course of their duties. The City is required to maintain a register of gifts declared.

The Gift Register provides a list of contributions of travel as well as gifts to staff and Councillors.

Electoral Gift Register

The Local Government (Election) Regulations require candidates in an election to declare any gifts they receive to support their campaign. Local governments are required to maintain a register of electoral gifts declared.

The Electoral Gift Register details gifts received by candidates who have nominated for the local government election as well as the name of the donor of the gift.

Register of Complaints - Official Conduct

The Register of Complaints details complaints of minor breaches by Elected Members that have been proven and a finding has been made by the Standards Panel.

Travel, Training/Conferences & Child Care Register

Travel - Councillors are entitled to be reimbursed for travel expenses incurred in performing their functions. The rates of reimbursement are set by the State Government's Salaries and Allowances Tribunal and Councillors are required to submit a travel claim form which is then verified by staff before payment.

Training/Development/Conferences - Council has adopted a policy in relation to training and development for Councillors. Training and development undertaken by Councillors and paid for by the City is detailed in the register. At the end of each financial year the City is required to publish a report on training undertaken by Councillors.

Child care - Under the Local Government (Administration) Regulations 1996 Councillors are to be reimbursed for child care costs incurred as a result of their attendance at Council or Committee meetings. The amount of reimbursement is determined by the Salaries and Allowances Tribunal.

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Councillor Date of claim Sort ascending Summary Attachments
Cr Adam Hort

$116.99 - 124.5kms

$42.66 - 63kms

TOTAL = $159.65

Cr Terresa Lynes

$316.93 - 468kms

Cr Aaron Adams

$44.68 - 80kms

Cr Adam Hort

$17.85 - 19kms

$41.99 - 62kms

Cr Terresa Lynes

$248.53 - 367kms

Cr Terresa Lynes

$395.48 - 584kms

Cr Peter Abetz

$156.93 - 167kms

Cr Caren Baayens

$161.63 - 172kms

Cr Emma (Ye) Zhang

$34.54 - 51kms

Cr Emma (Ye) Zhang

$121.90 - 180kms

Cr Adam Hort

$271.17 - 345kms