Impounded Dogs

Dogs delivered to the City Dog Management Facility or dogs impounded by Rangers are held at the City's Dog Management Facility for a minimum period of 72 hours, after which time unclaimed dogs will be assessed by the City and the City’s Re-homing agency with the intention of them being re-homed.

Dogs that fail a temperament assessment will be humanely euthanised.

Owners of dogs impounded that are carrying a current registration tag or have an identification tag will be notified in writing (Notice of Seizure or Detention). Identified owners will have a minimum of seven (7) days to claim their dog.

Before a dog can be released from the Dog Management Facility:

  • it must be registered
  • you will be required to provide proof that you are either its owner or a person acting on behalf of its owner.

Impounded Vehicles

Vehicles that are unlawfully parked, causing an obstruction or abandoned can be impounded by Ranger Services. It is the responsibility of the owner to collect the vehicle by paying the prescribed fees and charges and providing proof of ownership in order to claim the vehicle.

If your vehicle has been impounded please contact Ranger Services on 9397 3000 between 8.30am and 5pm. Appointments are necessary to claim impounded vehicles.

For more information on impounded vehicles: