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Weekly collections

Rubbish bins are emptied weekly. Yellow-lidded recycling bins are emptied every two weeks.

Remember to place your bin on the verge by 6am, on your collection day. Bins must be under 70kg to ensure they are collected.

Check the Waste and Recycling Guide for more information. 

Further recycling information can be found at Recycle Right, which encourages and assists residents and businesses in Western Australia to recycle, reduce their waste and live more sustainably.

Public holiday collections 

Rubbish and recycling bins are collected on all public holidays; except on Good Friday where the collections will be a day late, on Saturday.

This year Christmas and New Year’s Day both fall on Mondays so your bins will be emptied one day later than your usual collection day for the two weeks including a collection day on Saturday.

Please remember to put your bins out for collection by 6am, as normal, on all public holidays.

Residential verge collection dates

Each financial year, the City provides one residential general junk collection and two green waste collections. This is for residential properties within the City only.

If your collection dates are marked as "completed", we have just done a collection in your area.

Refer to the residential general junk guidelines for help on what materials will and won't be collected.

Refer to the residential green waste collection guidelines for help with green waste.