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Civic Centre

Annual Report

Annual Reports are prepared in accordance with statutory requirements and feature:

  • Mission and vision
  • Organisational structure
  • City profile
  • Mayor's message
  • Chief Executive Officer's report
  • Councillors
  • Executive team
  • Councillor attendance at Council Meetings
  • Employees' remuneration - salary range $
  • Future plan
  • Information management update
  • Official conduct report
  • Freedom of Information statistics
  • Access and Inclusion
  • Notes to and forming part of the concise financial report
  • Statement of comprehensive income by program
  • Statement of financial position
  • Statement of changes in equity
  • Statement of cash flows
  • Statement of comprehensive income by nature and type
  • Revenue and expenditure graphs
  • Independent Audit Report to the Electors of the City of Gosnells.
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