About our City

Small Business Lockdown Assistance Grants

The City works closely with local business in developing our local economy by providing support, advice and information.

Caring for our environment

An introduction to the our natural environment, and our role and initiatives in environmental management.

Explore Gosnells

Explore Gosnells

History and heritage

A brief overview of the services, information, places, and collections related to the City's history and heritage. Provides links to more detailed information.

Major initiatives

Ongoing projects which have prominent and significant outcomes are featured as Major initiatives.


Interactive Mapping is a web application that allows you to access the City's mapping database. The various maps available are arranged into modules of similar content. A property search function enables you to search by address to find information relevant to the property.

Places & Spaces

Sometimes it’s helpful to know all of the facilities in your local area, not just in your suburb. Take a broad look across the whole City, and the facilities available to our community

Stats and Facts

An insight into our local community and economy in addition to forecasts for the City’s future