If you require access within a City's Parks or Reserves adjacent to your property for private works including temporary access of structures and equipment please complete form below. 

Prior to works, the City requires:

  • An application form to be submitted a minimum of 10 working days prior to expected day of works.
  • A refundable bond, paid to the City prior to works (to cover for potential damage).
    Bonds will be refunded within fifteen (15) working days after the booking, dependent upon any damages.
  • Works must comply with specific conditions that are applicable within the City.
  • Traffic management where required.

The City will undertake a site inspection prior to works commencing and take dilapidation photographs. These photos will be used to assist in ascertaining if any damage has incurred during works and may affect the amount of bond returned to the applicant.

Please Note: Whilst a formal booking can be made for a specific park or reserve, it does not give the hirer sole usage of the park or reserve as it remains available to the public at all times. As such, all works require the area used to be fenced off to provide protection to the public.

  • Current Applicant details
  • Park details
  • Details of works to be undertaken
  • Complete