The City of Gosnells requires that all fitness trainers obtain a permit to conduct personal training activities on any of its public open space. A permit will only be issued to operators and qualified professionals who meet industry standards.

Use of designated sportsgrounds and parks within public open space is permitted, however a separate booking for group activities at each location is required. Fees, charges, terms and conditions relevant to the area will apply.

Fitness professional who are interested in obtaining a permit to conduct outdoor fitness training on Council land can contact the City's Booking Team directly on 9397 3000.

To make an enquiry on our Reserves please contact our office Monday to Friday between 8.30am - 5pm.  

Frequently asked questions

What does the permit provide me?

While a formal booking can be made for a specific location within a park or reserve, it does not give the hirer sole usage of the location as the park or reserve remains available to the public at all times. The booking does, however, restrict any other formal events from taking place at the given location at the same time.  It also means that you will be notified of any scheduled maintenance or works at the location.

Does my permit cover multiple areas of public open space?

No, but you may apply for additional spaces, however additional fees will apply.

Do I have to pay a fee for the permit?

There is an hourly charge per park or reserve. Additional charges will apply should you require use of the floodlights.

Can I cancel the permit?

All cancellations and amendments are to be made by emailing

What is the maximum number of participants permitted?

Attendees are restricted to a maximum of 40 patrons.

Can I choose a park or reserve to operate my outdoor training activities?

You may request a preferred area and the bookings team will endeavour to work with you to ensure that the location is the most suitable for the proposed activity.  Alternative locations may be suggested if your preferred location is not available due to prior bookings.

How do City staff know that I have approval to operate my business?

You will be issued with a rental permit which you will be required to present to City staff if requested.

Training without a rental permit

Operators training without a rental permit will be issued with an infringement.

May I advertise my business?

Yes.  You may place one A-Frame advertisement at your location during the booked sessions. This this must be removed from the site at the end of each session. Signs removed by City staff will incur an impound fee.

What are my responsibilities?

You will be required to provide evidence that you are registered with either:  Fitness Australia, Yoga Australia, Pilates Alliance Australia or VETAB.

You are responsible for any public liability in respect to your activity.  Your policy must provide a limit of liability of $10 million during the entire period of hire.  The hirer is to provide a Certificate of Currency as evidence of this insurance.  The City of Gosnells’ public liability will only cover injury; loss or damage as a result of any proven neglect or default of the City.

May I drive my vehicle onto the park or reserve?

No, all vehicles are to remain in the designated parking areas.

Am I permitted to play music during the training sessions?

Yes. However noise levels must comply with the Environmental Protection (Noise) Regulations 1997. Complaints received from adjacent residents could jeopardise future applications.

Am I permitted to use existing infrastructure?

No. City of Gosnells equipment and structures may not be used. The Operator must supply all of their own equipment.

How do I report damage at grounds?

Please report all damage immediately via

How do I obtain a permit?

For any additional information or to obtain a permit please contact the bookings office on 9397 3000 or

Outdoor Exercise Equipment

Exercise equipment is available for the general public and is found at several parks including:

  • Dowitcher Loop Reserve, Gosnells
  • Harmony Fields Reserve, Maddington
  • Lander Swamp Reserve, Southern River
  • Langford Avenue Reserve, Langford
  • Mills Park, Beckenham
  • Partridge Way Reserve