The Tom Bateman Reserve Bushland site is 6.61 hectares of bushland located within the larger Tom Bateman Reserve. Sitting within Bush Forever Site 456, Tom Bateman Reserve Bushland supports a diverse range of native vegetation and fauna.

The bushland lies within a residential setting, bounded by Wilfred Road to the north-west and a railway line to the south-east. A seasonal Conservation Category management classification wetland lies to the north-east, with POS bounding the south-western side.

Listed as a high priority site for management in the City’s Bushland Conservation Management Plan 2010, the location of the bushland adjacent to two important constructed wetland areas also supports the ongoing management of this site.

Tom Bateman Reserve Bushland, Bush Forever Site 456, has been subjected to significant degradation through rubbish dumping and off-road vehicle activity. The site has been part of many community activities including Clean Up Australia Day, National Tree Day and numerous community planting days.

Ongoing management of the site includes weed control, revegetation, rubbish collection and access management to prevent damage from off-road vehicles.

Tom Bateman Reserve, Wilfred Road
Thornlie WA 6108