Located on the corner of Comrie and Campbell Roads in Canning Vale this wetland supports communities of remnant vegetation within a setting that has historically been cleared for rural purposes.

The majority of the wetland is classified as Multiple Use, with a small section along the south-eastern boundary with Campbell Road being mapped as Conservation Category. The site is generally in good condition with a degraded area in the eastern portion which has been subjected to historical clearing.

Comrie Road Wetland came into the City’s management portfolio late in 2012 with active management of the Site getting underway in 2013. Management of the site is focused on weed control and revegetation.

Management priorities currently include:

  • Control of priority woody weeds - Acacia longifolia, Japanese Pepper and Victorian Teatree
  • Containment of priority grasses - Couch and Kikuyu
  • Containment and possible eradication of Gladiolus undulatus
  • Eradication of African Lovegrass.

154 Comrie Road
Canning Vale WA 6155