Wetlands are particularly numerous on the Swan Coastal Plain portion of the City. The conservation of the bulk of these sites is addressed through application of the state government's Wetlands Conservation Policy for Western Australia (1997) in the course of the land use planning process. The Department of Parks and Wildlife maintains the Geomorphic Wetlands (Swan Coastal Plain) Dataset, which identifies and maps wetlands.

Through the processes of land use planning, Conservation management classification wetlands are generally brought into public ownership, with appropriate buffers provided, with management responsibility eventually coming over to the City. Some Resource Enhancement management classification wetlands are also conserved in this way.

Other important environmental assets such as Declared Rare and Priority Flora and Threatened Ecological Communities are protected by state and/or federal legislation, and are generally set aside through the same land use planning processes.

Other aspects such as Black Cockatoo breeding and foraging habitat, which are protected by federal legislation, must also be considered.

The City's Environmental Services section works closely with the Planning Implementation and City Growth sections to ensure that policy and legislative matters are addressed in the planning process, and that sustainable conservation outcomes are achieved.