The Gosnells Golf Club Bushland, Bush Forever Site 467, comprises approximately 9.5 hectares of bushland defined by Campbell Road to the northwest, Ranford Road to the south west and the fairways and greens of Gosnells Golf Course to the east.

The City’s Biodiversity Conservation Management Plan describes this bushland as one of its most significant natural areas. The Reserve is actively managed by the City with the cooperation of the Golf Club under the guidance of an adopted Management Plan.

The bushland supports at least 111 different native plant species and four recognisable vegetation communities. This is considered exceptional given the size of the bushland.

Condition of the bushland is outstanding given that it sits within a highly urbanised setting. 37% of the bushland is in an excellent or better vegetation condition, with a further 31% in very good or good condition.

The bushland is largely infested with dieback disease, although a sizeable area at the centre of the reserve has been identified as being uninfected. 


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