Your City rates

Rates are an annual payment made by property owners for living in a Local Government area. Rates contribute towards the many public work projects undertaken by the City. As well as the upkeep and maintenance of the City's investment in infrastructure such as roads, paths, parks and sports grounds, rates also help fund the many community services the City provides, such as recreational facilities, meals on wheels, youth and family services, libraries, arts and events programs.

Use the links below to learn about how rates are calculated, your payment options and more.

Additional charges

Also included on your annual rates notice are charges for other necessary community services. Not all of these additional charges apply to all residents.

Appealing your rates

The valuation of Land Act 1976 (as amended) Part IV sets out the manner in which objections and appeals may be instituted regarding valuations (GRV or UV). If you believe your valuation is incorrect; you can query it.

Calculating your rates

Rates are an annual payment by residents for living in a local government area. It is common for local governments throughout Australia to charge rates.

Change your details

When you change address you must advise us.

Consequence of non payment of rates

What happens when Rates are not paid?

Set up a New Direct Debit or amend your existing Direct Debit

Complete this form to request direct debit payments for your rates.

Emergency Services Levy

Information about the levy charged for fire and emergency services.


Register to receive your rates notices by email instead of the post.

GST and Interest on overdue rates

Is GST payable on Council Rates? Is interest charged on overdue rates?

Interim notices

Interim notices may be issued for a variety of reasons.

Payment methods

To make it as easy as possible to pay your rates, the City of Gosnells offers several different payment methods.

Payment plans

If you're unable to pay your rates in full, you may pay by either the four instalment payment plan or by one of our informal payment plans.

Pensioner or Senior concessions

Eligible pensioners and seniors may be entitled to claim up to 50% off their Annual Rates and Emergency Services Levy or defer payment.

Rates - Cancel direct debit

If you currently pay your rates via direct debit and wish to cancel the agreement please complete the following form.

Request a free copy of your Rates Notice

Use this form to request a copy of your Rates Notice.

Specified Area Rates

What are Specified Area Rates?