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After you have submitted your application the City will contact you regarding payment of the registration fee, which can be paid online

  • Has your dog gone missing? See our photos of all currently impounded dogs.
  • The Cat Act 2011 requires that all cats from the age of six months be sterilised, microchipped and registered.
  • In 2011 the State Government introduced the Cat Act 2011 which aims to encourage responsible pet ownership and reduce the number of unwanted...
  • There are over 2,600 cats registered in the City of Gosnells and responsible cat ownership is the key to keeping those cats safe and happy...
  • Information about dog control in the City.
  • Find out where you can exercise your dog on and off the lead.
  • The Dog Act 1976 requires that all dogs over the age of three months must be registered.
  • Application forms and guidelines for keeping bees, poultry, pigeons and farm animals at your home.
  • Information regarding management of other animals.
  • Contact details for help with sick, injured, displaced or orphaned native wildlife.