Building and demolition work

Contains information to assist you with building and demolition regulations for your home or property development.

Building certification

The City offers a certification service for building work in the metro area. This includes the issuance of certificates of design, construction and building compliance. Find out more here.

Building permits

What you need to do to obtain a building permit for new building work. Includes links to application forms, checklists and information sheets.

Building regulations and requirements

General information about building regulations and requirements, including stormwater drainage, energy efficiency and construction in bushfire prone areas.

Demolition permits

What you need to do to obtain a demolition permit to demolish a building. Includes application forms, checklists and information sheets.

Development approval for single houses and minor structures

Information about when development approval is required for a single house or a minor structure.

Do I need a permit?

Most buildings and structures require approval, however certain types are exempt under regulations. Some types of demolition work are also exempt.

Forms, fees and information sheets

Access application forms, schedule of fees and information sheets for the application types above.

Major building projects in the City

View details about current major building projects within the City.

Occupying a building

Some buildings require an occupancy permit prior to occupancy or use. This page covers when an occupancy permit is required and what you need to do to obtain one.

Unauthorised work

How to identify if a building has been built with approval and what you can do if a building is unauthorised.

Verge permits

During building and demolition works a verge permit is required for the use of the City’s verge for temporarily parking vehicles, storing materials, locating a bulk bin or accessing private property from the public road.