Late payment interest will apply to all current rates and charges remaining unpaid after the due date on your rate notice. Interest will be calculated at 10% p.a. and updated daily.

Unpaid rates and charges from previous years, i.e. rate arrears, will also attract late payment interest calculated at the rate of 10% p.a, for as long as they remain unpaid.

Recovery of Rates

If the amount shown as payable in respect of rates and charges is not paid in full or the first instalment is not paid by the due date, the full amount will become overdue and may be recovered by court action (general procedure claim [summons], seizure and sale order for goods/land).

If a general procedure claim is issued against you, the default may be registered by the Magistrates Court to the credit reporting agencies within Australia where the details are shown for a five year period. This information is accessed for finance/loan applications.

Payment difficulties

If you are having difficulty paying your account, you may prefer to make smaller regular payments by submitting a direct debit form.
Alternatively please contact the Rates Department on 9397 3000 or to discuss your options.