Planning the City

The information below explains the Town Planning Scheme and outlines the projects being undertaken by the City in relation to planning matters, as well as providing advice regarding planning applications and property development.

Design Review Panel

Information about the City’s Design Review Process for certain development application types.

Development Assessment Panels

Development Assessment Panels (DAPs) are intended to enhance planning expertise in decision making by improving the balance between technical advice and local knowledge.

Development contribution plans

The City administers a number of Development Contribution Plans (DCPs), for the purpose of sharing the cost of providing infrastructure required to support new development.

Endorsed Plans - Structure Plans, Planning Strategies and Schemes

View all endorsed planning strategies, Outline Development Plans and other plans that guide growth and revitalisation of the City.

Forms, applications and information sheets

Information sheets and application forms for obtaining planning approval.

Getting involved

Have your say on a current planning proposal or report a concern.

Local planning policy framework

The City's local planning policies.

Local Planning Strategy and Local Planning Scheme 24

Council has adopted a new Local Planning Strategy and Local Planning Scheme for the City of Gosnells. The documents will now be submitted to the Western Australian Planning Commission for consideration, with a request that the Minister for Planning grant final approval.

Major initiatives

Ongoing projects which have prominent and significant outcomes are featured as Major initiatives. Included are Town Centres and Villages, the Public Open Space Strategy and Future Developments and works. If you're curious about work occurring in your area, you may find the answers here.


Find out about a range of planning projects and initiatives that are underway.

Subdivision clearance applications

View current and recently determined subdivision clearance applications.

Restrictive Covenant affecting properties in Thornlie

A restrictive covenant is an agreement between two parties that restricts the use or enjoyment of land (often referred to as the ‘burdened land’) owned by one of those parties, for the benefit of another party. A restrictive covenant is noted on a Certificate of Title for the land.

Town Planning Scheme No.6

The key function of Town Planning Scheme No. 6 is to provide for the zoning and reservation of land, land use permissibility and development assessment parameters.

Useful links

A collection of useful planning links.