A building or demolition permit may be issued subject to certain inspections or tests being undertaken. These requirements should be referenced on the certificate of design compliance and the permit itself.

Footing inspections

As a service to the local community and in the interest of maintaining building standards, the City’s Building Services branch undertake inspections of excavations prior to the pouring of concrete footings. This requirement is noted as a condition on the building permit, but is generally not applicable to minor structure such as patios, carports and fences.

  • The permit holder must provide at least 24 hours’ notice of the intention to pour footings.
  • An inspection will then be undertaken to ensure compliance with the approved plans and applicable building standards.
  • Inspections can only be carried out during regular business hours.

Resurvey of boundary

Where a building will be constructed up to or within close proximity to a property boundary the City will condition that the boundary be resurveyed by a licenced land surveyor prior to commencing work. This is to ensure buildings do no encroach into adjoining land, which can result in legal action by the affected party.

Good building practice should dictate that boundaries be resurveyed where necessary, regardless of the City’s condition.

Swimming pools and spas

All swimming pool and spa barriers must be inspected following installation and a certificate issued to confirm compliance with Australian Standard 1926.

The City undertakes routine inspections to ensure compliance is maintained.

More information: swimming pool and spa inspections