We encourage you to exercise your dog often, and to pick up after your pets - why not visit one of our dog off lead areas, or visit our new fenced dog exercise area.

Location of City off-lead areas

Note: All City off-lead areas are marked on the map in green.


Harmony Fields Dog Exercise Area

Visit the Harmony Fields off-lead dog park in Alcock Street, Maddington where there are two fenced dog exercise areas - one for large dogs and one for smaller dogs.

The park includes 1.8m high perimeter fence, dual gate entry, agility feature, watering points, shade and different surfaces to cater for a range of dogs. 

Please note, dogs should be on lead when outside the exercise area.

Voted in the top three dog parks in Perth by ABC Listeners, why not go check it out for yourself?

Off Lead Areas

Areas you can exercise your dog off-lead are scattered through out the City. River foreshore areas along the Djarlgarra (the Canning River) and Southern River are dog off-lead areas within the City. 

The following City parks and reserves allow off-lead exercise:

The following City parks and reserves allow on-lead exercise:

Please ensure your pet is under control, and that they do not approach or scare any of the native wildlife. 

Responsibly exercising your pet

A reminder to keep your dog under effective control at all times. This means your dog:

  • Responds to commands and returns when called
  • Remains in a reasonable distance from the owner at all times
  • Does not act in a threatening or aggressive manner to other people or animals
  • Does not cause damage to flora or fauna
  • Does not enter a lake or water channel

It is also recommended you follow these guidelines to ensure all members of the community can enjoy out outdoor spaces together:

  • Carry a lead at all times
  • Watch your dog around children, to avoid accidental injuries
  • Be courteous and understanding with other dog owners

Important: Dog owners have a legal responsibility to clean up after their pets. Please respect your local park and community. The City provides doggy waste bags in various parks to promote and encourage correct practice. 

This neighbourhood reserve slightly over 3 acres and located opposite Thornlie High School provides a scenic green space.
A large open park of 7.3 hectares adjacent to Alcock Street and Nutley Street utilised as a dog exercise area.
This district reserve located near Tonkin Highway has two large ovals which accommodate AFL and cricket as well as five cricket practice nets and a sand pit.
This park almost the entire length of the boundary line between Langford and Beckenham and runs along the Djarlgarra (Canning river) between Nicholson Road and Roe Highway. It is a massive 50 hectares open space and is utilised as a dog exercise area.
Adjoining the Gosnells river park, this neighbourhood reserve of over 11 hectares consists largely of grass open spaces which is ideal for this dog exercise area.
This neighbourhood park undertook redevelopment works which were completed in September 2020. This large park features a children’s playground, picnic areas, barbecues, public toilets, seating, lighting, on-street parking and a basketball half-court.
This narrow linear reserve provides pedestrian connectivity from Mills Park through the residential areas north until it reaches Roe Highway and is a dog off leash area.