The City applies industry best practices to maximise our water efficiency by using the latest technology to track, maintain, control and minimise the amount of water used on our sporting fields and parks.

The City is a licensed ground water user and can irrigate between the hours of 6pm to 9am. 

All Parks Management team members are certified in irrigation management, which highlights irrigation efficiency and the importance of maintaining a water sensitive irrigation program. 

Key technology

  • The City uses technology connected to a majority of our reserves that allows remote access. Through this we can monitor faults 24/7 and adjust programs daily to suit weather conditions. This vastly reduces the amount of water lost during faults.
  • The City utilises flow meters on bores which assist the Water Corporation and the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation (DWER) to monitor water usage.   
  • The City is trailing the use of injection systems to apply wetting agents through the sprinkler systems, in an effort to maximise water usage.
  • The City is working to consolidate all groundwater licenses to allow the best use of this precious resource. 

Maintenance impacts

Routine watering occurs between 6pm and 9am, with the majority occurring in the early hours of the morning. All effort is made to irrigate popular areas during the early hours of the morning; however this is not always possible.

The City appreciates local residents working with us and modifying their route of travel if it takes them through a park or reserve being watered between these hours. 

Routine maintenance is an important part of maintaining an efficient and waterwise irrigation system and for the health of our grassed areas.

Maintenance work needs to occur during the working hours of our Irrigation Operators, often between the hours of 7am and 3pm.  The City will make every effort to avoid disrupting park users, and where this is unavoidable we will work to minimise the impacts. 

Maintenance works are often scheduled, however emergency works on faults is not scheduleded.

For more information on how you can water your grass at home and become more water wise visit the Water Corporation. Here you will find information on your watering days, bore licenses and water efficiency tips.