Trees lining a street in the City

Management and protection of trees

The list of suitable street trees is currently under review and will be available again soon.

Tree Pruning or Removal

The City's Local Laws and Policy provisions prohibit residents and ratepayers from removing, pruning and tampering in any way with street trees. If you are having issues with a street tree please contact the City and an inspection of the tree will determine any remedial actions required. Trees will only be removed where conditions warrant and other management options are not available. Most trees once they are established do not require significant pruning.

Scheduled Tree Pruning

Regular pruning on street trees growing near power supply wires is necessary to prevent trees from growing within the exclusion zones around these wires. This work is carried out during the months of January to June to ensure compliance with Western Power requirements is achieved prior to the onset of winter. The minimum clearance to the low voltage wires in suburban streets is 600 mm. The minimum clearance to insulated service wires (this is the feed wire to your home) is 300mm.

Trees on Private Property

Issues arising from trees growing on private property, are often of concern for residents on neighbouring properties. The City can provide advice on how these matters may be remediated, and in many cases this may be as simple as discussing your concerns with your neighbour. This can usually result in a mutually beneficial outcome and agreement on the management of the tree. 

Further information can be obtained from Legal Aid - see the link below.

In some instances trees may present an unacceptable level of risk to an adjoining property, and may require an inspection by an Arborist. The City may in cases where such a risk is identified, place a works order on the tree in order to have the risk reduced by the owner.

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